Sienisalaatti or Fresh Mushroom Salad

This was from the Time Life Scandinavian cookbook, and was one of my healthy vegetable based dishes for Eurovision. Healthy, plus cream. Of course.

I’ve just noticed the bit about the lettuce. I completely missed that part and was very confused about why I had a whole lettuce left over the next day. This was quite nice dish, though I feel the name should reflect that the mushrooms are cooked and that’s it feel more like a solid side dish than a salad, but it was ok.

It looks kind of gross.
Mushed by Alix

2 responses to “Sienisalaatti or Fresh Mushroom Salad

  1. Suzanne Rosentswieg

    Alix, PLEASE HELP! Can’t find my TL Scandinavian Cookbook and need the Ris a l’amande (Danish Almond Rice Pudding) with Cherry Sauce recipe. It’s a Christmas tradition. Christmas Eve dinner won’t be the same without it. If you read this in time, and don’t mind doing so, please email me the recipe at THANK YOU!

  2. julie wigley

    Did you get the recipe in time if you still need it we can email