Peynirli Borek or Borek with Cheese

Another dish for Eurovision party, this time representing Turkey with the cunningly titled Turkish Cooking by Irfan Orga (Andre Deutsch, 1958).

This dish was started some time after we’d commencing cooking and the kitchen was in disarray and I was flapping slightly, so it was a joint effort between Zakia and Elly and I don’t think I did a lot really apart from prepare the filling. We used Cheshire cheese, rather than proper white cheese, partly because of the limitations of Sainsbury’s online range and partly because I’m not sure what white cheese is. I figured I’d be able to get some at TFC but hadn’t actually got round to going there.

As far as I could tell the main issue was that I do not have a crescent moon pastry cutter and so these were shaped by hand (This did look kind of tricky. Sorry).

I seem to recall they were quite nice. Comments sought from others involved in the making and eating of these…


4 responses to “Peynirli Borek or Borek with Cheese

  1. Despite their varied appearance (actually, who really want uniform canapes? Boring!), I remember these were absolutely delicious.

  2. They were delicious! I think I ate at least 4 of these, probably more, let’s be honest!

  3. Carole-Ann

    My neighbour who is Turkish showed me how to make them and he rolled them into cigars and then cooked them

  4. If you cut circles with an ordinary biscuit cutter then folded them in half, edge to dampened edge, around the filling, wouldn’t that make a half-moon, but not a crescent? (Based on the Cornish pasty structure.)