American Classic Pancakes

I’ve only ever cooked English pancakes before, and had been planning to do that with these, but due to an incident on Twitter where I publicly denounced crêpes then subsequently saw that in this book English pancakes are listed in the Crêpe section I felt that it would be inappropriate to then make English pancakes as I would essentially be making crêpes, which seemed a little hypocritical. I realise that this line of reasoning is wobbly at best and tending towards the bizarre, but that’s how I, er, roll, Oh dear. Onwards to the pancakes. The recipe is from Pancakes, Crêpes and Waffles by Martha Lomask (1983).

This all went rather well – I left out the sugar as I wanted a savoury pancake, and unusually for me followed the cooking instructions to the letter. Surprisingly this paid off. I should do this more often. I served them (to myself) with bacon and, er, Golden Syrup, and it was jolly nice. I used up the rest of the batter this morning and had them with more syrup and this marscapone and kirsch thing my flatmate had left over from a cake. I think I prefer these to English pancakes.

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  1. The UK version of these may be called Dropped Scones or Scotch Pancakes. They are usually smaller in diameter – around 7-8cm – from a tablespoon of batter per pancake.
    Food terms UK & USA – biscuit/cookie; crepe/pancake; jam/jelly . . . anyone got other examples?