Shoyu Fried Chicken

Yeah, so basically if it has soy sauce and is fried I want to eat it. Plus meat. This is another from Practical Shoyu Cooking.


  • I used chicken breast and sliced it into roughly 5cm by 1cm strips (That’s a terrible description of size. They were bitesize. Yes. Bitesize).
  • I think 15 minutes should be the minimum amount of time to let this sit, give it longer by all means.
  • I pan-fried these in olive oil in 2 batches, rather than individually over the frying screen (what IS that?)
  • The salad aspect troubled me – firstly what does ‘mince the celery cutting across the stalk’ mean? I decided to dice it, and the cucumber.
  • Adding the salt and letting it stand made no appreciable difference to anything.

The Eatening
Really damn tasty – tender chicken with a light sauce, the ginger quite subtle but detectable, and the salad actually rather refreshing. Would certainly make this again.
Fried by Alix

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