Baked Stuffed Artichokes/Carciofi Al Tegame Alla Romana

Guestpost by Martha – cheers Martha!

I have been promising to write these up for your regular correspondents for so long, I expect they thought it would never happen. Is there an Italian for ‘Mañana’?

I love artichokes and garlic and lemon in savoury dishes (also lemon in sweet dishes, I really just love lemons) so these looked like a match made in heaven for me.

I made half quantities because I was going to eat them straight out the oven for my lunch.


Getting the chokes out was a bit of a faff. I started with a knife but I was worried I was scraping away all the soft tasty base with the hair. I had to do a quick google search to check the best method. Turns out you should just go at them with a teaspoon. Doh!

Otherwise this recipe was not hard at all. There was plenty of stuffing and the instructions are clear.

This was an absolute gem. The artichokes were delicious and absorbed lots of flavour from the stuffing. They were tart and garlicky and nicely balanced between rich and fresh.

Of course they were a nuisance to eat, as artichokes always are, so even though they were ace I was quite bored by half way through the second one. (Listen to my first world problems.) As such I recommend one of these as a starter not two as a main course.

Choke’d by Martha

NB. This recipe is from “Cooking Into Europe: Choice Common Market Dishes”. Martha’s other posts are kashmiri sag and cakes de Bruxelles


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  1. Domani, or possibly in this case, dopodomani; since you ask.