Smoked Haddock Fluffy Omelettes

This is from The Book of Egg Cookery, a 1969 delight of egg based craziness. It really goes into quite a lot of depth about eggs generally, starting with What is an egg? (‘an egg is an ellipsoid which is, funnily enough, something that is egg-shaped’) and moves on through nutrition and various modes of preparation, and also includes egg-related ‘did you knows?’ such as:

The original word for egg was ey. That romantic spot, an eagle’s eyrie, is simply an eggery; no more romantic than a carry-cot, really

If you’re superstitious, always smash egg shells – so that witches may not go to sea in them.


Here’s the recipe:

I went for what I, having not properly read all the recipe, thought would be a straightforward omelette. It was only halfway through that I saw the part instructing me to ‘make one soufflé omelette (see page 12)‘ and then saw that a souffle omelette required a grill, which I do not have. Or rather, I do have, but my flatmate and I tried to light it and the whole top of the oven caught fire and we decided that it’s for the best if we not use it. Ever.

I hate beating egg whites. Hate it with a passion. There was swearing. It took forever.

So, having prepared this mess of egg white and poached haddock I am now faced with the challenge of somehow getting it cooked on both sides (having not divided the mixture into 4 as suggested). How this happens is I slice it in half, in the frying pan and flip the halves over. The soufflé rapidly deflates, and the omelette, already overcooked on one side due to prevarication over how to get the reverse cooked, now overcooks on the other side. At this point I vow never to try anything resembling a soufflé again (my next post will be amusing in light of this decision).

It looked sort of ok, and I was hungry, so I served it up and ate most of it, but by God, this was the rubberiest thing I’ve had since I ordered calamari from a Chinese takeaway (it was never going to be good).

Fluffed by Alix

7 responses to “Smoked Haddock Fluffy Omelettes

  1. Oh good god, this is truly my worst nightmare of a dish. I hate hate hate omelette and I loathe smoked haddock. Thank you for making it look so horrible no one will ever cook it for me…

  2. Should we club together and buy you a decent whisk for those pesky egg-whites?

  3. Debra Colmers

    I don’t know that a new whisk would help…

  4. True – there are recipes which weren’t ever a good idea, but authors have to fill pages . . .

  5. Anyone know where I can get a copy of this book. My mum had it when I was little and I would love to get one as a keepsake ( funny I know) and to look at again. THanks

  6. Ann, I would suggest looking on Ebay, Amazon and asking friends if they have a copy at the back of a cupboard somewhere that they would be willing to part with or maybe swap for a book of yours.

  7. Thanks Elly, Unfortunately I have done all that with no result. I have really been down every avenue with no luck, but thanks for the reply, Ann