Savoury Omelette

Now, given the disaster that was the Smoked Haddock Fluffy Omelette you’d think I’d not attempt another souffle style omelette and that’s where you’d be wrong. I really do not learn from my mistakes. This one is from the rather charming 1975 Cassell’s Country Cookbooks – The Cotswolds. Having grown up near the Cotswolds I have absolutely no idea what the cuisine is like there, so snapped this book up and have learned all sorts of interesting things which perhaps I should have already known – each chapter is loosely themed and has a bit of an amble around local history and folklore before tying this in with regional recipes. It’s really nicely done. I’d been reading it on the train home from work, and figured I may as well cook from it, so found something simple and bought the ingredients. I did actually note the beating egg whites thing, but also noted that it doesn’t call for a grill so I reckoned on things working out. I really cannot emphasise enough how little I learn from my mistakes. What was I thinking? Very little, evidently.

Here’s the recipe:

Although this book is was published in the seventies, it states that this recipe is from 1911.

Well, ‘cook until fluffy and set’ turned out to be completely impossible. Sure, the thing cooks on the bottom, but then we have exactly the same issue as with the haddock disaster. It specifies an omelette pan, so there’s no hint that you might need to whack it under a grill for some top-down heat, which is clearly what is required and precisely what I couldn’t deliver on. I used single cream and the ‘omelette’ at this point was very fragile. I did the only thing I could think to do and procrasti-prodded the contents of the pan for a few minutes until I’d basically made scrambled eggs. Burned scrambled eggs, by this point.

I ate it with a salad. It wasn’t disgusting, but it wasn’t an omelette either. And it was definitely burned. I’ll probably cook something similar next week.

Accidentally scrambled by Alix


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  1. I checked the ever-trusty Barbara Hammond’s “Cooking Explained” for her souffle omelet recipe. It says to put the oven on, gas 4 /180C, make the omelet mixture as described above, cook it on top heat for a minute to set the base, then put the pan in the middle of the oven for 15 minutes, after which “it should be golden, set and very light”. That presupposes your frying pan has an ovenproof handle and will fit into the oven. Other metal dishes might manage this task. (NB – no cream in B.H.’s mixture.)