Uncooked Cake

This is another from Cassell’s Country Cookbooks – The Cotswolds (1975). Undeterred by the complete failure that was the Savoury Omelette I decided to make a cake from this book. It’s very similar to a cake that I used to make as a child which I remember being called Kunzle Cake, and I although I’ve come across this type of cake as an adult, I’ve never heard anyone else call it a Kunzle Cake. Kunzle cakes do seem to be a thing, but what you see on that site is a whole other type of cake. God only knows what was going on there. Anyhow, in my head, this type of cake is called a Kunzle cake, and I used to make them a lot. They were pretty much my favourite foodstuff as a child – really easy to make, no cooking required, simple ingredients, and tasty. Very tasty.

Here’s the recipe:

I decided to make things a bit fancy and instead of putting them into one tray I put them into individual silicon moulds.

Here’s some heart-shaped ones, with chocolate and chopped nuts on top:

 And I also did square ones without chocolate (I’d run out of chocolate):

The quantities make about 12 individual cakes.

The chocolate topping really helped – I had 100g which was enough for a generous covering for 6 of the cakes – I’d say if you were making these without the chocolate on top to add a little sugar to the biscuit mixture as it needs the sweetness.

Kunzled by Alix.

One response to “Uncooked Cake

  1. Kunzle cakes was also a Birmingham cake manufacturer, as this link sent to us by commenter Salada explains: http://www.madeinbirmingham.org/kunzlecakes.html

    They look great, anyway – I could eat a one right now.