Chicken Piccata

This is from the I’M IN THE MOOD FOR cookbook published in 1982 by Wear-ever Aluminum. Whilst it concludes in all cases that you are in the mood for food, it does helpfully divide  the recipes into occasions such as Rainy Afternoons (Cheese Popcorn), The Pleasure of Your Own Company (Lemon Soup), and Romantic Notions (Stir-fried Cucumbers). I’ve chosen a recipe from the Winding Down section, which seems to link relaxation with violently attacking some meat.

I’ve never pounded a chicken breast thin before. It fell to bits much quicker than I expected it to; definitely lacked the resilience of a steak, which surprised me. I think the rest of the recipe went off without incident – it was satisfyingly easy, yet somehow felt a bit fancy (perhaps that’s just me). It tasted good too, although I think I overdid the lemon juice as it was a bit tart.

I would also say that two chicken breasts doesn’t make four servings. It makes TWO servings.

Piccata’d by Alix


3 responses to “Chicken Piccata

  1. I love the sound of this. Might make chicken breast more interesting. Plus who doesn’t enjoy pummelling the hell out of their dinner first for a hunter gatherer feel?

  2. I’d love to know what’s “romantic” about stir-fried cucumbers.

  3. Meat’s toughness depends on the age of the animal and the amount of exercise the muscle (meat) has done. Chicken breasts undertook little activity during their owners’ short lives; hence they are easily flattened. Most beef/steak animals are at least a year old and have been more active. On the plus side, muscle activity develops flavour in meat.