Crêpes au Mocha

These are from a Robert Carrier Cookery Card, I think from the seventies. They’re one of the least vile looking candidates in this pack of dessert recipes, and looked to me to be like an easy version of brandy snaps. I decided from the beginning to not bother with the poached pear garnish because I am very very lazy and don’t really like hot fruit much. Here’s the recipe:


For some reason the only flour I could find was wholemeal, so the sifting was essential. I managed to create a batter, which then went through the sieve again, leaving a rather attractive brown pulp behind, but the batter itself was quite decent looking, and I shoved it in the fridge to chill. After two hours I started frying the crêpes. Oh God. I’m actually quite good at pancakes, sure the first one is usually a sacrifice to the dark lords of batter, but after that I toss like a champion. Not so with these. I don’t know whether I was getting the temperature wrong or if the batter was a little too thick (I don’t think it was) but it was either insipid circles of crêpe in a pale cocoa colour, or it was crispy burned crêpe with patches of insipid pale cocoa patches. They certainly didn’t look like the photo (though, that should come as no surprise on this blog). I gave up after four crêpes, and filled them with cream. Now, don’t kill me, but I used squirty UHT cream. I am NEVER ever again going to hand-beat ANYTHING to a peak, soft or otherwise. Anyway, they quickly melted the cream, and became flattened tubes that tasted of not a whole damn lot, the mocha was certainly not present. I imagine in the right hands these could be made to work, and I should have let them cool before putting the cream in but hang it, I was HUNGRY.

I won’t be making these again. Pancakes and Nutella, that’s the thing.

Crêped by Alix

2 responses to “Crêpes au Mocha

  1. Actually, they do look rather like the photo’s crepes, just less decorated. Anything sugary in a pancake batter will raise the chances of it either sticking to the pan or burning. Like you, I prefer plain batter and sumptuous fillings/accompaniments.

  2. I suspect the wholemeal flour could have been the culprit – I’ve used Robert Carrier’s crepes recipes for yonks without problems, but I’ve also learned to give wholemeal a wide berth for anything I don’t want to be sticky.