Apple Crisp

One of the sweet things about writing this blog is the extent to which my nearest and dearest enable me by reading, taste-testing and buying me new and exciting old books to try. Today’s recipe is taken from Betty Crocker’s Dinner for Two:

Everything about this book is brilliant, it‘s a first edition from 1958, spiral bound and bought in North Carolina by a friend on a road/llama farming trip. It’s full of  joyous illustrations by Charles Harper. This one caught my attention as  it looks quite like me, if I dyed my hair blonde and set it and wore dresses round the house, as opposed to a ponytail, glasses and threadbare tracksuit bottoms:

Right, apple crisp. I had no idea what this was before I read the recipe (to me the name conjures visions of dried apple slices) but it’s actually very similar to things I’ve made in the past, though I normally season the fruit, not the topping and  use flour or oats, not both.

I made three times the quantity listed (plenty of apples around this year), which filled a 8″ by 5″ by 1.5″ dish, so I shall approach all future container recommendations in this book with scepticism.  As I made a larger version, I had to cook it for a slightly longer but I actually cooked it for slightly too long and burnt one corner. (I know, you’re shocked.)


The topping had a strong spicy caramel flavour and baked into a mixture of small crumbley pieces and large crunchy chunks, complementing the plain, juicy apple.  A little less butter would make the  dish softer, lighter and tidier to serve, if that’s a priority in your life. The amount of cinnamon and nutmeg listed is absolutely perfect (to my palate), so top marks for that, Far Westerners.

Crisped by Elly

5 responses to “Apple Crisp

  1. What strange ferny leaves that plant has in the illustration; can it really be growing apples?

  2. Salada, I thought it was a tomato plant?! Who knows.

  3. Ah – so it didn’t accompany the apple crisp recipe. It’s a lot tidier than my tomato plants – but mine don’t have to be controlled in a window-sill pot.
    Great variation on apple crumble, btw.

  4. It does look remarkably like you should all the above-listed adjustments ever be made. (I now have a weird compulsion to try to convince you to make this happen. Just once….)

    Also this is almost exactly what I made with my apples too! Just not from a recipe. It was delish as blogged.

  5. Oh, I want this in my house (along with the spiffing dress in the illustration).