Praline Squares

I love a brownie, as recently discussed, so was excited to try this recipe.Hilariously, the Betty Crocker cookbook contains a mixture of  proper recipes made from ingredients and entries like ‘Angel Cake: One box of Betty Crocker Angel Cake Mix. Assemble according to instructions for a quick and easy dessert’. This is from the Southern menu (as is the illustration of the devil, above).


I made a half quantity and used a smaller baking tray (6″ x 6″ x 1″) and cut them into triangles, not squares, because when I feel the need to run wild and free in the kitchen, no fake housewife invented by a home economist/ marketing genius can hold me back.

I managed not to melt the sugar properly, so these ended up having a rather granular texture. Apart from that, these are quick, cheap and easy and providing you make sure the sugar is properly melted and you really, really like the taste of caramel, the recipe cannot be improved upon.

Pralined by Elly


One response to “Praline Squares

  1. As someone who really really likes the taste of caramel I can see these in my future.