Breast of Chicken Coriander

I’ve made things from this book before, and although it seems a little unassuming they’ve usually turned out ok. I was making dinner for my neighbours and needed something fairly wholesome but filling. This recipe seemed appropriate. I used turkey instead of chicken.




Having made it up the night before I shoved what was now quite an appealingly marinated bowl of turkey and celery into the oven and promptly forgot it was there and got on with overcooking the side dishes. This meant everything was slightly overcooked. I think I got away with it though.

The bit that spoiled it was adding the cream. I’m not sure I’ve ever eaten anything that shade of puce before. It wasn’t horrid, but I’d have preferred it without the cream.

Also, frying cashew nuts is weird. They went all soft.

Coriandered by Alix


5 responses to “Breast of Chicken Coriander

  1. I love the cover of this cookbook.

  2. Josceline Dimbleby did quite a few of those books for Sainsbury in the 1970s. I have one or two which were used frequently in the day. She is a good cook and writer and I have recently read her latest ‘Orchards in the Oasis’ part biography part recipe book, loved it.

  3. Cashew nuts went soft in the frying pan? I’d have dry-roasted them in the oven while it was on, they don’t take long.

  4. I love the way cashew nuts go soft to be honest

  5. Ev Dunwoody

    I have cooked this recipe off and on since that little book was selling in Sainsburys 25 even 30 years ago. It’s always been popular even with the fussiest of eaters and can be -should be-prepared in advance. It’s been some years since the last time I’d made it but I’d misplaced my copy of this divine book and was struggling to remember the recipe when I turned to google. God, I love the internet…..