Chocolate Chip Cookies

A recipe I decided to try while working at home on Friday and thus without access to the tin of ginger nuts and digestives which lurks in the office kitchen. (From  ‘Cookies and Biscuits’ in  the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Cookery Compendium, Waverly 1955)

This recipe made 20 biscuits of around  1½“ across, using heaped teaspoons of dough. They took slightly longer to cook than the 10 minutes listed and ended up flat and chewy, fairly sweet with a decent amount of chocolate. I would have liked them all to be slightly crispier round the edge – possibly the same stint in a hotter oven would be necessary for this. (I think longer in an oven of the same temp might results in a cake-y drop-biscuit texture.) After a couple of days, they had become rather bendy.

Chipped by Elly

3 responses to “Chocolate Chip Cookies

  1. I am surprised that the recipe is as early as 1955 since I only became aware of the chocolate chip cookies in the early 70s. I wonder why I was so late in discovering them?

  2. I was interested that the recipe seems quite rich for that period – a lot of butter, chocolate and sugar for that amount of flour.

  3. You are right, I hadn’t thought of that aspect of it, though those things would have been off ration by then, perhaps it was in celebration of that.