Tea Napkin Shaped Sweet Potato Balls

Another from Practical Shoyu Cooking. I’m starting to doubt the accuracy of the title of this book, to be honest. This recipe neither contained shoyu and was not practical.

I felt I’d got off to a fairly good start in that last time I tried to cook a sweet potato based pudding I accidentally bought yams and this time I’d definitely got sweet potatoes. Things seemed to be going ok, although the potato was not steaming itself as quickly as I’d have liked so I boiled it instead. This made it somewhat more waterladen than was ideal, and I may have had to strain the resulting mash through a pair of tights. Clean and new tights, I should stress. I tasted a bit of the mixture and it seemed sweet enough. I then set about shaping the balls. I didn’t have a tea napkin so I tried a tea towel (again, CLEAN). This was not good. I ransacked the flat for other fabrics, and whilst I’m not saying I did use a vintage Jaeger silk scarf in the end, I’m not saying I didn’t either.

Eventually I had something that actually looked like the picture. I was quite surprised. Unfortunately they just tasted of mashed sweet potato with a chestnut tacked on and no one went for seconds. In fact no one really finished their firsts.

The moral is, if you’re going to make this, add a load of sugar.

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2 responses to “Tea Napkin Shaped Sweet Potato Balls

  1. In Japan, I was given steamed sweet potato with ice cream as a pudding – it was perfectly edible, although cooked apple/plum would have been preferable.

  2. At least they look pretty!