Norwegian Apple Pie

This blog is turning into a real life version of Apple Pigs. Still, I’m enjoying all the apple-y goodness, even if you’re getting bored and if you are getting bored, I apologise, but I was given 15 immense apples and have two more apple recipes planned. When I was pondering what next to do, I remembered that Scandinavian Cooking (Beryl Frank 1976) had several recipes for apple cake. (In fact it has three apple cakes and three apple puddings. The book was obviously written before Scandinavian governments decided to intervene in the health of their citizens by cutting beef and dairy subsidies and raising berry farming subsidies.) This one appealed to me because it’s simple, it includes lots of nuts (yum) and it doesn’t require butter, which is great for when you want to bake something, but don’t want to use up all your butter and then have to get properly dressed and go out and buy some more.

I made twice as much, which used 1 very large apple (diameter 4” approx) and took twice as long to cook. I roasted the nuts (almonds) first. The dish used is 8 x 5 x 1 ½”.


Fresh out of the oven, this was a very sturdy pudding: thick, sticky, sweet batter with crunchy nuts and just softened piece of fruit. The top baked to wonderful crisp. It lacked flavour, was overly sweet and I thought it needed some spice and may be some raisins or dates.

After a couple of days however, it had mellowed like a tub of stew at the back of the fridge, into gooey, caramel cake matched perfectly by the slight chewiness of the pieces of apple. It was particularly delicious warm and if some spice was added, it would go very well with custard, for those who like that sort of thing.

Pie’d by Elly

2 responses to “Norwegian Apple Pie

  1. Ye gods! I’ve just seen the Amazon price of “Apple Pigs”, obviously long out of print.
    What a lot of sugar in the recipe – maybe that’s for the sourest fruit.

  2. Yes – it was very sweet! I think next time I probably would cut the sugar slightly.