Spicy Apple Fritters

Elly and I were very kindly invited to talk about the blog and do some live cooking recently by the lovely A Playful Day for her podcast (naturally the whole thing is well worth a listen, but if you’re particularly eager to hear us we appear around 29 minutes in). We cooked Spicy Apple Fritters from the TREX cookbook (which doesn’t appear to have a date of publication). The fritters turned out to be surprisingly tasty and looked like this:

Here is the recipe:

and here is the recipe for the French Batter:

And here are some miscellaneous images:

ETA: Here is the Trex we used:

7 responses to “Spicy Apple Fritters

  1. The perfect all-purpose fat?!?! I need TREX!
    Those look great.
    And I love the nails.

  2. So: what did you use instead of TREX?

  3. Vladimir, we used Trex! It’s widely available in supermarkets (I bought it in Waitrose).

  4. The nails are by Barry M.

  5. “Crisp and easily digested fried foods.” That’s what I need. Well actually it’s more of a want than a need. But I’m still cheering for TREX!

  6. To accompany this post you should have a listen to this Podcast about Lard!


  7. Will do! Thanks, Bronia.