Pie Month 2012

Good morning Pie Fans,

I cannot think of anything to say about pies which I didn’t say this time last year. Suffice to say February is here, pies will be baked and if you make one too, please brag about it to us (comment, email, twitter),  so we can share your joy.

As with previous years, ‘pie’ means ‘pie’ in the broadest sense and thus includes all tartlets, pasties, borek, samosas, spanakopita, mille feuilles, clangers and anything else which involves a delicious filling insulated by carbohydrates.

Wishing you cold hands and golden pastry,



3 responses to “Pie Month 2012

  1. Elly, what qualifies as a pie? Anything that is in a shell/crust?

  2. Yes – hang on, I’ll update the post.