Crusted Cheese Pie

Well. It’s Pie Month again. Where better to find a suitable pie than in the classic Make A Meal Of Cheese? Yes, the recipe book that gave us the abject horror of the Hollow Cheese Loaf. Good idea. There’s no way that could go wrong. Here’s the instructions:

Careful reading of this recipe (I did not read it carefully) reveals that this is less a pie and more a savoury bread and butter pudding mutant. Easy to assemble, incredibly appetising to look at before it was cooked (a pudding basin full of soggy bread and milk), it took longer to cook than the recipe suggests and was subject to a number of removals from the oven during which I prodded it and wondered aloud whether it was cooked. Eventually I decided it was, partly because the top had started to burn and partly because I was hungry/ drunk.  Served up it lost any shape it may have had, and was troubling in texture. In taste it was not so bad – I’d used decent seed bread, and the mustard and cheese were good, but overall, it was just a little odd.

It was not crusty. It was chewy and soggy simultaneously. A taste sensation! .(Not)

Crusted by Alix

5 responses to “Crusted Cheese Pie

  1. That does sound like a savoury bread and butter pudding, perhaps a little too much milk for the amount of bread?

  2. That’s similar to the ham & cheese fondue I recently made.
    The bitch just wouldn’t set.

  3. I would like to thank you for attemping this – I’ve seen a couple of similar recipes and always wondered about the results…

  4. Dear old ‘Cooking Explained’ has a similar recipe; even more frugal with one egg to 1/2 pint of milk, 2oz bread and 2oz grated cheese, otherwise very similar.

  5. My mum used to cook this-it was delicious!!! Really really nice!