Salmon Patties

I always feel a bit sorry for Modern Cookery Illustrated. At 65 years old, I’m not convinced by its claims to modernity, and the only thing its illustrations (actually black and white photographs) illustrate is how far cookbook design has come since 1947. It feels like a poor woman’s Beeton. However, the copy I have has been well-used and worn down until the binding is almost soft to the touch, and it has a lovely reassuring smell too.  It’s had a lot of use and been patched up a fair bit.

As Pie Month encompasses patties as well as more traditional pies, I chose these as a cheapish endeavour.


I remember eating tinned salmon as a child and crunching into the little tubey bits of bone and being utterly repulsed by this experience and refusing to eat tinned salmon afterwards, so this was the first time I’ve gone near tinned salmon since about 1990. I very carefully made sure to remove all the hard bits before mixing in the white sauce (I’ve not included the recipe for that as it’s as standard a white sauce recipe as could be), but still had some trepidation about this recipe as a result.

I couldn’t find anything resembling patty tins in my flat(?) and instead cut out circles of puff pastry, put filling in and pinched the sides together like mutant ravioli before putting them on a baking tray. The salmon and white sauce mixture tasted quite nice at this point – I think I’d happily eat sandwiches of it.

In the oven, then out of the oven, that bit went fine. They came out looking like this:

They were slightly disappointing eaten hot, though I can’t quite work out why, I think I referred to them at the time as ‘catfood vol-au-vents’. However, eaten cold the next day they were really quite nice, like a slightly stale, fishy sausage roll, which is not a description I ever thought I would use in a positive way.

Patted by Alix

5 responses to “Salmon Patties

  1. I adore the bones in tinned salmon but you can, in fact, buy salmon without bones or skin nowadays.

    I don’t think I have ever eaten hot tinned salmon…

  2. At the start, it reads as if you are 65 yrs old.

  3. This blog has aged me somewhat!

  4. Rick and Jen Dallas

    I have a good copy of this great recipe book which I got from my mother. My wife and I use it quite a bit and sometimes juggle the ingredients around to match “modern” day life. However we have never been disappointed with any of the original recipes we have tried. I am 65 and remember well and have eaten a lot of them in the past as a youngster.