Chocolate cream cheese fudge

Recently I have made far too many tasteful, sensible recipes, the last (savoury) French dish I made was vegan, for pity’s sake. The time I fried macaroni cheese is so long ago, it’s moved from reality to pub anecdote. (Yes, I am very popular.) It’s time for something ridiculous, and what better to inspire me than the food industry itself, with the recent launch of chocolate-flavoured cream cheese, the thought of which makes me feel faintly nauseous, but this recipe… I was…intrigued.

This leaflet was produced by Kraft and is 10th in a series called ‘Learning for Living’. Underneath the recipes is the slogan ‘Kraft cares – about good food and good food ideas’. (I can confidently say that whatever Kraft have done to Mini Eggs since buying Cadbury, is neither caring nor a good idea.) I hazard a guess that they are from the 1960s. Most, although not all of the recipes include a Kraft product – cream cheese or margarine, but many of the recipes featured are ones we have already tried from other sources: Linzetorte, brandy snaps, cheese straws. This caught my eye as I like fudge and once tried an easy recipe touted by a certain much lusted-after brunette tv cook, which involved just condensed milk and black chocolate melted together, but actually tasted like plastic and sent me running back to the boiling method. Anyway, I had the relevant ingredients and decided to satisfy my curiosity with a half batch.

At one point I thought there would be too little cream cheese and it would be too dry, but if you beat the cream cheese until it would be overworked for cake icing, it becomes liquid enough to absorb all the sugar.

I used slightly more chocolate than the recipe states, because I didn‘t want 1 square of chocolate hanging around – that’s just silly. (American readers, a square of chocolate from an average UK chocolate bar is about ¼ oz.)

This isn’t really cooking, is it? It’s more like P.M.S in a baking tray. I thought it might taste like chocolate cheesecake filling, what with it containing everything that I would think of to put in chocolate cheesecake filling, but it’s more like solid chocolate butter cream icing, but (slightly) less sweet. The melting texture is half-way between butter and butter icing. The tang of the cream cheese is utterly smothered by the vanilla, chocolate and sugar. The walnuts cut through the sweetness nicely, but I think almonds would be just as good, if not better. Of course, containing no cooked sugar, it doesn’t have the caramel taste which I like so much in normal fudge, so I’m not sure this can replace normal fudge in my life (I say ‘replace’ – I make it once a year, if that), but it was a pleasant one-off.

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2 responses to “Chocolate cream cheese fudge

  1. The pamphlet’s cover is so–so–PINK.

  2. It’s almost painful, isn’t it?