The Bakers’ ABC: J is for Jenny Lind

The old name of a loaf in much favour at one time in the west of Scotland. It was evidently originally named after the famous singer Jenny Lind, who was a great favourite in the early part of the nineteenth century. The loaf was made from very stiff dough containing a small proportion of lard and sugar. In shape it was flat, round, moulded in two pieces, docked and thickly egg glazed on top. It was proved and baked on a flat baking sheet. The bread was close in texture and short, like cake, with a slightly sweet taste. This type of loaf is not now made in many districts and may disappear entirely.

From The Baker’s ABC by John Kirkland, formerly Head Teacher of National School of Baking, published 1927 by Gresham

3 responses to “The Bakers’ ABC: J is for Jenny Lind

  1. Does the dictionary explain ‘docked’ in this context? Does it mean cut/slashed across the surface?

  2. The dictionary has no entry for docking, slashing or lame (the cutting tool). Luckily some other people have provided insight:

  3. Thank you.