Chocolate sandwich

I decided to take advantage of the long weekend and bake something (also wake up without alarm clock, make plans and promptly forget them, spend an entire day in pyjamas). This recipe,  from the Passover chapter of Florence Greenberg’s Jewish Cookery looked interesting and challenging (my relationship with things contains whisked egg whites being somewhat troubled). I have never eaten anything like this before  and  imagined it to be a bit like a giant macaroon. (The title should be a clue to keep an open mind. Would it be a cake? A cookie? A chocolate sandwich what?) I had no qualms about pulling my food processor out to whisk the eggs as the book itself features an advert for the Sunbeam Mixmaster.


Mmmm, clumpy.

This was simple to assemble, although the dough (all the ingredients apart from the egg whites) was firm and clumpy like biscuit

dough, and didn’t mix well with the egg whites and couldn’t be poured into the cake tins, only spooned out in dollops.


Six inch biscuit

Thirty minutes later, I took two of these out of the oven, one stuck dreadfully to the tin, despite my having greased and floured it thoroughly, and had to be cut out. The paler patches are unmixed egg white, I thought all the butter and chocolate would magically melt together in the heat. I was wrong.

I tasted some of the broken piece and it was soft and crumbly with a mellow cocoa and almond flavour. I then did what any inconsistent cook does – slathered the intact layer in ganache (not made according to the recipe above) and served it up to my loving family as ‘weird cake’. Much was eaten.

I think an extra egg is needed in this recipe and possibly some more liquid as well. I might attempt this again sometime and will try these changes and update the post if necessary.

Crumbed by Elly

3 responses to “Chocolate sandwich

  1. More liquid’s a good idea, water (maybe tepid to keep the choc soft) would probably do. Point of info re adding whisked egg-white – they should be very similar in consistency to whatever they’re folded into, and not as stiff as for meringues. (Any good souffle recipe should mention this.)

  2. missnorthsouthfood

    Ganache those egg whites into behaving seems to be the answer here!

  3. I’ve had chocolate sandwiches — you make them from bread (preferably French bread) with optional olive oil and a chocolate bar placed inside. This is something eaten in parts of Europe. Actually it kind of tastes like a chocolate cake in the end.