The Bakers’ ABC: S is for Shrewsbury biscuit

This is a stock sweet biscuit, the basis of many varieties: 1 ¼lb flour, into which has been lightly rubbed 12oz butter, and mixed with 10oz castor, is made into a free dough with eggs. No aerating chemicals are used, as the paste is short. The kind of biscuit is very old, but in the old mixtures nutmeg and cinnamon were added as spices, Easter cakes and other short varieties are all made from Shrewsbury biscuit dough.

From The Baker’s ABC by John Kirkland, formerly Head Teacher of National School of Baking, published 1927 by Gresham


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  1. marthadumptrucklived

    In NZ, these are true staples – as ubiquitous as a digestive or wagon wheel.