The Bakers’ ABC: S is for Savarin

A light cake made of fermented dough, rich in butter and eggs of the same kind as that used for Baba au Rhum. The savarin is made generally in a ring mould, well proved and baked. After cooling it is steeped in hot sugar syrup, strongly flavoured with rhum and maraschino, or other flavouring liqueur, and then masked in clear pulp, and then the bottom covered with fine coco-nut or almonds. A savarin is garnished on top with split blanched almonds, angelica or half cherries.

From The Baker’s ABC by John Kirkland, formerly Head Teacher of National School of Baking, published 1927 by Gresham


2 responses to “The Bakers’ ABC: S is for Savarin

  1. ‘masked in clear pulp’ I wonder what that really means?

  2. Toffeeapple – I have no idea! Having never made them, I wasn’t aware of any steps beyond soaking them in syrup.