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Victoria Sponge Cake and Spiced Victoria Sponge Cake

No birthday party is complete without a cake. I gamely volunteered to make one and by volunteered, I mean insisted. It seemed only right and proper that I should choose one from the Sandwich Cakes chapter of Good Housekeeping’s Picture Cake Making (Waverley, 1955) but as I realised I hadn’t baked a sponge cake for atleast a year, something simple would be advisable.

As we had a range of guests attending. I decided to make a two sorts of cake based around the same recipe – a classic Victoria sponge and a spiced Victoria sponge.
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Potato and Cheese Soup

Is it cold outside? Are you feeling cross from the cumulative effect of at least seven small things and it’s making your brain itch? Do you have a few edible bits in your kitchen but are too hungry to bake them all for an hour and a half as per most winter comfort dishes? Your problems are my problems, friend.

This recipe is from the Good Housekeeping Cookery Compendium, volume 1 (Waverly, 1955). I felt I should attempt a savoury dish from this book as so far I have only used it to make biscuits.

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Peanut butter and apple sandwich

Third and final vintage sandwich. Yes, more grated apple (I like apples!). I used an own brand of pb which I shall avoid in future as it was insufficiently crunchy.

Sweet Fillings
Peanut butter
mixed with an equal amount of jam, honey, syrup or grated apple.

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Coffee Marshmallow Spread

I cannot explain what kind of curiosity overtook me  when I decided to try this method from the Creams and Fillings section of the Good Housekeeping Cooking Compendium, volume 3: Picture Cake Making (Waverly, 1955).

Coffee Marshmallow Spread recipe

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Beef Cornets

These were made for the canape party, and boy did they go down like a, well, lead balloon. The recipe is from Good Housekeeping’s  Cookery Book (1955), and the recipe is brief and offers no clues as to quantities of ingredients. Thanks for that.


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Ginger Shortbread

This recipe is from volume 3 of the Good Housekeeping Cooking Compendium (Waverly, 1955), Picture Cake Making from the Small Fancy Cakes section, which also, completely unpredictably, includes macaroons, several variations of  profiteroles and these.

Ginger Shortbread

6oz flour
2 oz castor sugar
½ – 1tsp ground ginger
4oz butter
1oz chopped crystallised ginger

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Curry Knots (savoury biscuits)

Although I referred to these disparagingly in another post, I secretly thought they would be quite nice and wanted to eat them. (Another dish for the party, this time from the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Cookery Compendium, Waverly 1955. You can see the desired result here in the bottom right-hand corner.)

Curry Knots
2oz butter or margarine

4oz flour
1tsp curry powder
A pinch of salt
Egg yolk or water to mix
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