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Baked Stuffed Artichokes/Carciofi Al Tegame Alla Romana

Guestpost by Martha – cheers Martha!

I have been promising to write these up for your regular correspondents for so long, I expect they thought it would never happen. Is there an Italian for ‘Mañana’?

I love artichokes and garlic and lemon in savoury dishes (also lemon in sweet dishes, I really just love lemons) so these looked like a match made in heaven for me.

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Brown Flour Biscuits and Artichoke Paste

Summer is here or at least there have been some days which can unequivocally be categorised as ‘rather nice’ . Snacks to eat outside are needed.

The biscuits are from Agnes Jekyll’s Kitchen Essays, (first published in 1922,  reprinted by Persephone books in 2001) which Alix and I are currently enjoying. The book depicts a very gentle life (chapters include ‘In the Cook’s absence’, ‘Thoughts of Venice from Home’, ‘A little dinner before the play’ and ‘Tray Food’) and is  frequently, hilariously sexist.

This recipe is from ‘Tea-time and some Cakes‘ and is suitable for ‘the dyspeptic guest who never eats anything at tea’.
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