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Salad Niçoise

frontcoverPicked up this book in Oxfam recently – it’s from 1977, published by Fontana, called Salad Days by wife and husband team Ursel (recipes)  and Derek (illustrations) Norman. It’s the illustrations and general design that convinced me to buy it – it’s saturated with jaunty drawings of the food and preparation process, eccentrically coloured in, with a double-page spread for each recipe. Sometimes the recipes are supported by diagrams/ drawings – arrows pointing from one ingredient to the next, helping the cook understand how they should be combining the various bits and pieces. Or at least that’s the idea – I found them a little too whimsical to be practical. Basically, this book is the polar opposite of the last I cooked from, the densely packed, illustration light Francatelli’s Cook’s Guide.  No haphazardly coloured in pictures of coleslaw for him!
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