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This Scottish dish is from Potato-wise Cookery, from 1965. It’s very simple and completely¬†inappropriate¬†for this warm weather. Wikipedia says it is Gordon Brown’s favourite food. That’s a factoid to remember for pub quizzes, eh?





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Caldo Verde

portugueseI have eaten this delicious dish in Porto, in its native country, and fancied creating it at home. The recipe is from Portuguese Cookery by Ursula Bourne (Penguin, 1973) and features a very simple ingredient list, which as I’m on a rather tight budget at the moment appealed.


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Javanese Bamie

I picked up this book on Saturday from a charity shop in Kilburn. It’s called Simple Oriental Cookery and it’s from 1960, published by Peter Pauper Press and compiled by Edna Beilenson (a quick search reveals that similar titles existfor a range of other cuisines, Beilenson was fairly prolific, it would appear!).

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