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Liptauer Cheese

This was the first thing I started making for our recent Eurovision party, being skilled at planning ahead I bothered to read the recipe card sometime before the party started so this got the chance to rest for the couple of hours it specifies. Lots of things seemed to go wrong with this, the quantities seemed off, I seem to remember reducing the amount of capers and thanks to a shopping omission didn’t add the chives until a lot later. When I first tasted the dip it struck me as one of the least appealing things ever – the potential of the separate parts had combined to form a disgusting looking and tasting goo. It was horribly sharp and I considered going off-recipe simply so as not to horrify my guests, but was utterly lost as to what would sort it out, so shoved it in the fridge as if the fridge was magic and would somehow transform this mess into something edible.

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Salmon Croûtes

This recipe and sieved eggs were made by Rob for our Canapé Party. Rob sez:

“This recipe was taken from Practical Cookery For All, published in 1953 by Odhams Press Ltd. It’s an all-round cookery bible with chapters introducing new cooks to a range of ingredients and techniques, modern kitchenware and the new science of ‘nutrition’. There’s loads of emphasis on presentation. Full-page colour photos depict dishes like meat ragout or mock roast served on giant silver platters, decorated with vegetable crowns, surrounded by oceans of peas and finished with delicate sculptures of piped mashed potato. The recipe chapters dive straight in with a selection of rich hors d’œuvre for the Serious Business of impressing party guests.

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