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Uncooked Cake

This is another from Cassell’s Country Cookbooks – The Cotswolds (1975). Undeterred by the complete failure that was the Savoury Omelette I decided to make a cake from this book. It’s very similar to a cake that I used to make as a child which I remember being called Kunzle Cake, and I although I’ve come across this type of cake as an adult, I’ve never heard anyone else call it a Kunzle Cake. Kunzle cakes do seem to be a thing, but what you see on that site is a whole other type of cake. God only knows what was going on there. Anyhow, in my head, this type of cake is called a Kunzle cake, and I used to make them a lot. They were pretty much my favourite foodstuff as a child – really easy to make, no cooking required, simple ingredients, and tasty. Very tasty.

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Chocolate Mousse

Was idly flipping through “beginner’s cookery” (Betty Falk, revised Penguin edition ’73, original ’64 – can any people tell me the appropriate citation when a publication has repeat editions? I should know this…), after a rough day at work and feeling like something simple… when I found… chocolate mousse! mousse?! no-one can make mousse at home! what is this doing in ‘beginner’s cookery’! How ridiculous! Yes, that’s what I thought too – but there’s only two essential ingredients and one optional one – and the optional one is BOOZE? And I do happen to have a bar of 70% Green and Blacks in the cupboard… how hard can it be!
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