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Courgettes in red wine

First, let us praise the author for not ****ing about regarding the title of this book. Ms Elaine Hallgarten, freelance food and travel writer, is the creator of and contributor to many works, including the Jaffa Cookbook, Mince Matters, Cookery Do, The Yoghurt Cookbook, Gourmet’s Guide to London (1992 ed) and Reminiscences and Recipes of the Bakharian Jews of Samarkand. I’m not mocking her oeuvre  –  someone on Amazon has called Mince Matters an ‘excellent practical cookbook‘, something many, many cookbook writers fail to achieve (I should know).
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Courgettes with cream and rosemary

I wanted to serve this with the cream crust pastry, as courgettes goes so well with tomatoes and peppers, and I thought the cream would balance the acidity of the tomatoes and peppers. From Jane Grigson’s Vegetable Book (Penguin, 1976):

Courgettes with cream and rosemary
A dish that can be served on its own, or with veal, chicken and lamb. Use fresh rosemary from the garden. Other herbs can be substituted – parsley, chives, tarragon, fennel – but rosemary gives the best flavour of all.
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Courgette Salad

Courgettes are one of my very favourite vegetables and I would gladly eat them all year round, if they tasted of anything in winter.  Anyway, it is now courgette season and if you have been organised enough to plant some, you’ll be reaping the rewards.  (I’m mostly enjoying things in my garden which have seeded themselves, although, apparently, urban pigeons have so much littered food to eat, they can afford to ignore my cherries. Hurrah!)  Here is a quick salad from Jane Grigson’s Vegetable Book (Penguin, 1978).

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Tian de Courgettes a la Provencale

It’s not quite courgette season yet – they still need plenty of seasoning so this recipe by Escoffier (Paul Hamlyn, 1934) is perfect.

Tian de Courgettes a la Provencale
The name tian is given to a round dish, which is popular in Provence; it is about 2 inches in height and of various sizes.

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Salade des Haricots Verts (French Bean Salad)

I decided to make this salad from Escoffier (Paul Hamlyn, 1934) as an accompaniment to a second lamb steak.  It is simply too cold and wet out for a leafy green salad.

Salade des Haricot Verts (French Bean Salad)

Cook the beans in salted water, rinse is cold water, then dry in a cloth.

Rub the bottom of the salad bowl with garlic, add salt, freshly ground pepper, a little vinegar and 3 times the amount of olive oil. Mix all well together and put in the beans. Thinly sliced tomatoes and fillets of anchovy are sometimes added to this salad. [Not if I’m making it.]

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Gougére with Chicken Livers and Courgettes with Herbs

Two recipes from Alison Burt’s Super Saving Recipe Cards (first seen here in a spectacular cake fail) which I made together on Good Friday for my dinner. A gougére is savoury French pastry with cheese, and can be small like these or larger with a filling. Alison Burt’s recipe is for a larger gougére with a mix of liver and veg in the centre. The picture shows the dish tastefully arranged against a bit of red cloth, which is quite restrained compared to the presentation on the other recipe cards. The food photographers must have got bored by the time they got to the Pastry and Pies section. The food itself looks like someone was (neatly, admittedly) sick into a baguette.

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