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Fruit drinks

Quick post from ‘Clean Plates’ by Mitzi Perry-Miller, Elizabeth Crossman and Margaret Nicol, described as ‘first published in England 1964’, by Faber and Faber, I assume it’s originally from the US as other recipes include sloppy joes and  fish chowder. This is from the section ‘Cookies, Snacks and Beverages’.

Hope you’re enjoying the sunshine!

Let us know what you think, if you try any of them!

Chin-chin, Elly

Salade Alice

Another recipe I have been waiting for an excuse to make and which I hoped might provide a some variety to the selection at our party, as it’s base ingredients weren’t butter, cheese or white flour.

I feel, however, that Escoffier is probably spinning in his grave. This comes from the Salade Composées (Compound Salads) section of Ma Cuisine (Paul Hamlyn, 1934).
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Crunchy Date Bars

Dates: I don’t like fresh ones. I don’t like whole ones. I once, however, ate a pudding of tiny deep fried pastries filled with pulped dried dates and chocolate, accompanied by some sort of pale ice cream. This dessert lives with me, it haunts my dreams and one day, I will recreate it. Until then, I shall raid the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Cookery Compendium’s ‘Small Fancy Cakes’ section (Waverley 1955).
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Herbed Carrot Salad

a) apologies for the delay; b) ph34r the fusion of herbed carot salad, mashed potato, sook choo na mool and SAUSAGES! This is what happens when you cannot make salads for one, have urgent leftovers in need of eating and yet CANNOT refuse yourself sausage and mash after a tough day. Hurrah?!

450g carrots
peeled clove garlic
1/8 – 1/4 tsp cinnamon
1/4 tsp ground cumin
1/2 tsp paprika
pinch cayenne pepper
juice of one lemon
1/8 tsp granulated sugar
olive oil to taste
freshly chopped parsley to garnish

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Orange Cordial

I hoped this  drink from Kitchen Essays (Agnes Jekyll, originally published in The Times in 1921 – 22, reprinted by Persephone Books in 2001) would be a quick route to a drink almost as good as sloe gin… ah, folly. This recipe is from the ‘Hints for holiday housekeeping’, a short chapter which also  suggests game pie, lemon marmalade, Dundee cake and potted salmon as being suitable for the Easter Holidays.

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Lemon Butter Cake with Lemon Filling

Happy anniversary to Chris and Vicky! C&V hosted a super barbequeue on a wonderful sunny Saturday, and Alix and I decided that we’d shamelessly hijack it with a vintage “cake-off”. I brought the below, from the Female Cookbook 1978 FEATURING Ellice Handy Recipes. This is in fact a Singaporean cookbook sent to me by lovely Janet (@j4) which has a brilliant mix of 70s margarine based treats like “golden swans” cheek to cheek with pulot hitam, pickled blimbings, Lancashire Hotpot (hurrah) and curried beef schnitzel. Love it. What’s a blimbing? Where can I find one in London? Hilariously it calls for the blimbings to be dried in the sun for a week of good sunny days, before pickling. I don’t think this translates to a London cook 😦 Anyway. I chose to make lemon butter cake – less exotic but no less tasty by any means. I have a few more things to come from this book! The more Malay/Singaporean dishes may require more researches and trips to dusty Chinatown back rooms in lieu of the Serangoon Market….
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Pineapple and Cherry Loaf

Apparently 48 hours is as long as I can go without cake. I had some after lunch and now I want some more.

Pineapple and Cherry Loaf

Preparation Time: 35 min
Cooking Time: 1 ½ hours

6 oz. glace cherries
1 ½ oz. glace pineapple

3 oz. ground almonds
Grated rind of half a lemon
6 oz. butter or margarine
6 oz. caster sugar
3 eggs
3 oz. self-raising flour
3 oz. Plain flour

Pinch salt
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