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Pastelillos de queso

First pie of Pie Month and I decided to try one of the most delicious pastries of all – the small, deep-fried cheese-filled Latino Pastry. I have happy memories of scoffing the Argentinian version, empanadas, in Buenos Aires last year, along with plenty of beer.

Puerto-Rican Dishes was published in 1956 by Waverly Press (who also published the Good Housekeeping Cookery Compendium). I bought it in Leakey’s in Inverness last summer and it’s obviously well-travelled, as there is a second price written on the inside cover – $3.50.
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Cheese and Tomato Savouries

moderncookery2These were my contribution to our Canape party’s ‘Guess The Cheesy Decade’ competition, where 3 canapes were made, from various decades and guests were asked to, well, guess the decade. I can’t remember what the consensus was on when this recipe was from, but I don’t think anyone got it right. The recipe is from Modern Cookery Illustrated by Lydia Chatterton (Odham’s Press Ltd), and my edition is a 1947 reprint.


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Eggs a la Dauphine

This was my most elaborate dish for the canape party, and the most challenging to construct. It’s from Francatelli’s Cook’s Guide of 1864, and is another egg dish. Although not strictly a canape the description appeared to be of a dish that could be easily divvied up into individual servings (note the ‘appeared‘!)


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Savoury Éclairs

This was my entry in the ‘Guess the Decade of the Cheese-Based Canape’ contest, held at our party.

I am delighted to have an opportunity to make these, which I have fancied since my first browsing of Florence Greenberg’s Jewish Cookery Book. First published by the Jewish Chronicle Publications in published in 1947, I have the 6th edition, from 1958, a family tome with a lovely range of recipes from  bloaters devilled to mock duck to nut frappe.

Despite having shrieked at countless episodes of Come Dine with Me, I didn’t manage to do a practise run of choux pastry earlier in the week, so at 1pm on Saturday, it was fail or fail time.

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