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Beans with Corn and Pumpkin (Porotos Granados)

I bent the rules slightly here by using up some butternut squash in place of pumpkin and as various substitutions for those who cannot lay their hands on cranberry or navy beans are suggested, I feel I’m doing justice to the spirit of the dish.

We are informed that this dish is originally from Chile (Porotos is the Chilean word for beans) although it has ‘decided Indian overtones’ in terms of its ingredients and that the corn/pumpkin combination is also popular in the Basque country and Aquitaine.

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Greek Stewed Beans and Lentils with Spinach

Give me greens!  I feel I have eaten distinctly fewer veg and far more fat than normal over the last week. I go to bed feeling perfectly insulated and without applying lipbalm as the oil or butter I have consumed at dinner has already moisturised them. This is entirely down to my recipe choices over the last few days as well as last week’s high-cake diet.

Consequently today I am dining on a double dose of Jane Grigson, from her marvellous ‘Vegetable Book’ (I have the 1978 edition published by Penguin) which is as much a pleasure to read as to eat from. Almost every recipe comes with some historical or cultural background, revealing her earlier careers in publishing and the arts (although I won’t always write these up). Her success in mainland Europe, particularly France, means that measurements are printed in metric as well as imperial as standard – hurrah.
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Canadian Lima Beans

Ugh, I am not in the mood to do this today. I had about half as much sleep as I need last night, I’m seized with the urge to order pizza and I don’t have the fresh tomatoes necessary for the dish I planned to make. Only a recipe containing the instruction ‘top with bacon’ will console me. Luckily, Potluck Cookery (Beverly Pepper, Faber and Faber, 1955) can furnish me with this and the means to use up the navy beans lurking in the back of my fridge.  Yes, I said navy beans, not lima as specified, I know Dr Pepper would forgive me, so you should too.
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