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Siphnopitta or Siphnos Pie

This is from The Home Book of Greek Cookery by Joyce M Stubbs (1963). I chose an unseasonal Easter dessert to make.   To say this recipe went badly amiss would be an understatement. It almost all went in to the bin. Here’s the recipe:

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Here’s an appetizer from Joyce M Stubbs Home Book of Greek Cookery (1963). It’s Spinach Pasties and sounds quite delightful. This was my first time cooking with filo pastry and I can’t say I was very confident. I was pleased with how quickly it defrosted though, almost suspiciously fast. What is filo pastry anyway? It’s so thin; it’s unnatural. I didn’t trust it an inch. I’m afraid I was rather hungry when I made these and the entire process was rushed. This shows in the results. I know very little about Greek cuisine, not much more beyond moussaka and the existence of feta and I have certainly not done it justice with this.

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