Recipe Index

Caldo verde
Curried lentil soup
Cream of spinach soup
Fruit soup (plum)
Haricot bean soup
Harvest Moon chicken soup
Hungarian onion soup
Potage au potiron (pumpkin soup)
Potage Saint Germaine (lettuce and pea soup)
Potato and cheese soup
Soupe Menerboise

Bohnensalat (German green bean salad)
Boiled carrot salad (Moroccan)
Courgette salad
Double apple salad
Fagiolini all’agro (Italian green bean salad )
Herbed carrot salad
Japanese spinach salad
Kyuurimomi (Japanese cucumber salad)
Mandrang or Mandram
Mexican gazpacho salad
Norwegian cucumber salad
Pears frozen with ginger ale
Salade de pommes de terre aux piments (potato salad with red pepper)
Salade Alice
Salade des haricots verts (French green bean salad)
Salad Elona
Salad Niçoise
Sienisalaatti (fresh mushroom salad)
Sook choo na mool (Korean bean sprout salad)
Spanish salad

Vegetarian Dishes
This includes dishes where a small substitution may have to be made, e.g. a vegetable fat instead of bacon dripping
Almond spinach croquettes
Alu and methi
Asparagus omelette

Aubergine and onion gratinee
Aubergines with sesame seeds

Broccoli Roman style
Carciofi al tegame alla romana (baked stuffed artichokes)
Chickpeas and spinach (Portuguese)
Courgettes in red wine
Courgettes with herbs
Courgettes with rosemary and cream
Crusted cheese pie
Eggs a la Dauphine
Eggs a la Suisse
Gateau de pommes de terre aus oignons (potato puree, baked with onions)
Green pea and tomato scramble
Fasolakia (Greek stewed beans)
Kashmiri sag
Kukuye bademjan (aubergine kuku)
Mamaliga fripte (fried cornmeal)
Macaroni burgers
Macaroni mushroom toss
Paprika corn kernel fritters
Pastelillos de queso (fried cheese pastries)

Peynirli borek (borek with cheese)

Pommes de terre menagere (fried mashed potatoes with chives)
Rårakor med gråslök (lacy potato pancakes with chives)
Porotos granados (beans with corn and pumpkin)
Onion cakes
Savoury omlette
Shula kalambar (lentils with spinach)
Shropshire eggs
Spinach cannelloni
Spinach pancakes
Squash pancakes
Squash pie
Swiss chard stew
Tian de courgettes a la provencale
Welsh eggs

Meat and Fish Main Courses
Bacon and sweetcorn pudding
Beef as bear meat
Brandade of tuna fish and haricot beans
Breast of chicken coriander
Camarones al mojo de ajo
Canadian lima beans
Chicken bechamel
18th Century Chicken curry
Chicken and leek pie
Chicken Maryland
Chicken Mexicane
Chicken paprika
Chicken piccata
Cheese hollow loaf
Cheshire pork pie
Collier’s pie
Crispy corned tuna
Crunchy alphabet burgers
Danish savoury pie
Eels Landaises
Fidget pie
Fish pie
Gougere with chicken livers
Jansson’s Frestelse
Javanese bamie
Kofta curry
Lamb kebabs
Lapereau au cidre (rabbit stewed with cider)
Meat and potato latkes
Plaice in savoury custard
Pork and beans
Pork chops modena style
Prawn and bacon quiche
Publican’s pie

Rosy baked chicken
Russian fish pie
Salmon Patties

Shepherd’s pie
Sherry burgers
Shoyu fried chicken
Shredded pork stir-fried with bean-sprouts and spring onions
Smoked haddock fluffy omlettes
Spaghetti bolognese
Spicy lamb hot pot
Stir-fried minced meat with soya sauce, mushrooms & green peas
Tempura-type pork
Texas hash

Yammy turkey

Starters, side dishes, snacks,
American classic pancakes
Arroz blanco
Bacon corn muffins
Basic fried rice
Beef cornets
Cheese and tomato savouries
Cheese and walnut squares
Cocktail biscuits
Galuskas (thimble dumplings)
Garbanzo snacks

Party pyramid sandwiches
Paté de foie simple (simple liver paté)
Salmon croûtes
Savoury éclairs
Scalloped potatoes
Stuffed eggsTomato Rarebit

Sauces, fillings, icings, spreads, dressings, dips
Artichoke paste
Balkan walnut garlic sauce
Chocolate buttercream
Coffee buttercream
Coffee marshmallow spread
Crème pâtissière
Custard sauce
Green tomato and ginger jam
Lemon, nut and thyme dressing
Lemon and marrow jam
Liptauer cheese
Mocha chocolate frosting
Salsa di funghi (mushroom sauce)
Mustard (various suggestions)
Salsa di pomodori di magro (tomato sauce)
White sauce and watercress sauce

Sandwich fillings: apple and peanut butter, apple and raisin, bean, Croque Monsieur, date and cinnamon

Apple crisp
Apple pudding-pie
Blueberry tart
Chocolate cream cheese fudge

Chocolate mousse

Chocolate praline tartlets
Clootie dumpling
Chaussons aux pommes (French apple turnovers)
Crepes au mocha
Dark treacle pudding

Dutch apple pie
Gainsborough tart

Lime chiffon pie
Melon Copenhagen
Norwegian apple pie
Peach cream

Pirozhnoe Zavarnoye s Zavarnin Kremom (Russian cream puffs)
Pommes a la crème
Plum jalousie and plum shuttle
Panty cakes (pancakes!)
Pave au chocolat
Rhubarb tart

Rum and ginger sherbet
Siphnopitta or Siphnos pie
Spicy apple fritters
Tea napkin shaped sweet potato balls

Biscuits, bread, cakes, crackers, scones
Apple and cinnamon muffins
Almond ginger cookies
Austrian Chestnut Cake
Butter cakes
Butterscotch cookies
Butterscotch pecan cookies
Brown flour biscuits
Cakes de Bruxelles (Brussels cakes)
Caraway tea bread
Cheese biscuits
Cheese straws
Cherry cobblestone cake
Chequerboard cake
Chocolate-cheese fudge cake
Chocolate cinnamon gâteau
Curry knots
Chocolate butterscotch brownies
Chocolate chip cookies
Chocolate meringue biscuits
Cinnamon balls
Cinnamon slices
Coffee cake with strudel (streusel) topping
Cream crackers
Custard creams
Danish Cheese Loaf
Date drop cookies
Date crunchies
Ginger drops
Ginger shortbread
Gingerbread loaves
Golf biscuits
Herman the German friendship cake
Jam puffs
Langue de chat
Lemon butter cake with lemon filling
Lucia bread
Peanutbutter cookies
Pitcaithly bannock
Potato cakes
Praline squares
Pineapple and cherry loaf
Scones – Bacon and parsley, Cheese, Wholemeal
Stuffed monkey
Sweetcorn bread
Toffee crisp chicks
Uncooked cake
Victoria sponge cakes (plain and spiced)

Pastries: cream crust, enriched shortcrusttart paste, paté brisée, rice paste, traditional shortcrust (with lard).

Frappéd Ginger Ale
Orange cordial
Vintage cocktails