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Baked Stuffed Artichokes/Carciofi Al Tegame Alla Romana

Guestpost by Martha – cheers Martha!

I have been promising to write these up for your regular correspondents for so long, I expect they thought it would never happen. Is there an Italian for ‘Mañana’?

I love artichokes and garlic and lemon in savoury dishes (also lemon in sweet dishes, I really just love lemons) so these looked like a match made in heaven for me.

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Brussels Cakes/Cakes de Bruxelles

Another guest post by Martha (first one here). Thanks Martha!

I knew I’d struck vintage cookbook gold the moment I laid eyes on the cover. “Cooking Into Europe: Choice Common Market Dishes”, with its offer to “Win a week’s gastronomic holiday in Europe!” and its colourful, often unappetising photographs, could not fail to provide hours of joy. I was right too. Best £1.50 I ever spent.

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