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Dutch Apple Pie

Guest post! Today, seasoned commenter Salada takes us through a classic apple pie. Due to the unusual weather, the apple harvest is excellent  this year, so shop prices are reasonable and if you’re really lucky, a friend, relative or Freecycler will give you some windfalls for free.

Just a bit late for pie month!  The first apple pie of the season, made
approximately to Barbara Hammond’s Dutch Apple Pie  (a double crust plate pie) recipe from Cooking Explained (1963 edition).

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Pie Crusts Explained

While I get my act together to write up the blueberry pie (my final pie, mini pecan tarts, won’t be posted as I went way off-recipe), why not enjoy the wise, graphic counsel of Barbara Hammond, from Cooking Explained (1963)?

Posted by Elly, with thanks to Salada for sending it to us.