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Norwegian Apple Pie

This blog is turning into a real life version of Apple Pigs. Still, I’m enjoying all the apple-y goodness, even if you’re getting bored and if you are getting bored, I apologise, but I was given 15 immense apples and have two more apple recipes planned. When I was pondering what next to do, I remembered that Scandinavian Cooking (Beryl Frank 1976) had several recipes for apple cake. (In fact it has three apple cakes and three apple puddings. The book was obviously written before Scandinavian governments decided to intervene in the health of their citizens by cutting beef and dairy subsidies and raising berry farming subsidies.) This one appealed to me because it’s simple, it includes lots of nuts (yum) and it doesn’t require butter, which is great for when you want to bake something, but don’t want to use up all your butter and then have to get properly dressed and go out and buy some more.

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Norwegian Cucumber Salad

I really love cucumber – marmite and cucumber on brown bread is one of my favourite sandwiches and has been since before I could properly pronounce the words. So I jumped at the chance to make this for our Eurovision party – it’s from Scandinavian Cooking by Beryl Frank, (published by Evans Brothers, 1978).
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Lucia Bread

While choosing  food at the excellent Scandinavian Kitchen (great review here and I‘m definitely recreating their ‘pizzasalad‘ – finely shredded white cabbage dressed with a mild vinegar and oregano, some time), I noticed some Lucia bread for sale. This reminded me that I had made a mental note over the summer to try this recipe when in season. That season is now. You can read more about the Swedish festival of Lucia here). The day itself is Monday!

I haven’t had great success with yeast recipes from this book (Scandinavian Cooking’ by Beryl Frank, published by Evans Brothers, 1978) in the past, but I always like to give a cookbook a few tries before I abandon it completely.
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I love pretzels of all kinds (bread-y ones, crispy ones, OK, I like both kinds of pretzels) and was keen to make some more savoury snacks for our blog-day party. I bought ‘Scandinavian Cooking’ by Beryl Frank, (published by Evans Brothers, 1978) recently but have yet to cook anything from it – the bread section looks particularly good and I had high hopes for these based on the illustration.
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