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Texas Hash

Another recipe from the publications dug from the family collection and delivered to my grubby hands. (I wash them before cooking – promise!) Words are superfluous regarding the design and tone of this leaflet, from February 1966, suffice to say it was issued by the Rice Council for Market Development, then based in Notting Hill, which appears to have been an arm of the US rice industry.
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Squash Pancakes

A friend wondered to me last October, whilst offering me some fresh, hot butternut squash and feta bread, “Do you remember when no one had even heard of butternut squash and then suddenly they were everywhere?’

They will never (could NEVER) replace potatoes in my life but they’re chock full of carb-y, vitamin-y goodness as well as being so pretty. Here are some being stored in the chilly confines of the parental loft at Christmas:moomin farm

Undeterred by yesterday’s efforts, I’ve chosen part of my lunch from the vegetable chapter of Beverly Pepper’s Potluck Cookery (Faber and Faber, 1955).

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Chicken Mexicane

In Pot Luck Cookery (1955, Faber & Faber). Beverley Pepper furnishes the reader with seventeen recipes for using up leftover chicken specifically (and several others suitable for ’what have you meats’), unfortunately on this occasion, I picked a dud. The recipe looked temptingly highly seasoned but didn’t quite come together. (I assume the ‘e’ on the end of Mexicane denotes this recipe is ‘in the style of’ rather than the real thing.)

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Paprika Corn Kernel Fritters

I love  smoked paprika so much I want to quote 30 Rock.

Paprika Corn Kernel Fritterspaprika-31

about 1 1/2 cups


Flour, 1 cup
Baking powder, 1 teaspoon
Salt 1/2 teaspoon
Paprika, 1 tablespoon
Well-beaten egg, 1
*Milk, 3/4 cup
Finely chopped green pepper, 2 tablespoons
Fat or lard
Lemon quarters, 4 – 5

Sift flour with baking powder, salt, and paprika. Beat egg into milk; blend into flour mixture. Beat with rotary beater until smooth and free of lumps. Add corn and green pepper. Drop by spoonfuls into 1/2 inch hot fat in shallow frying pan. Fry until golden brown. Drain and serve with lemon quarters.

This is a side dish – makes 4 – 5 servings.

*Substitute: Part milk, part corn liquid.


  • I only had 1 cup of sweetcorn so I adjusted the quantities of other ingredients accordingly.
  • I made the batter, realised I didn’t have any pepper in the house, ran to shop round the corner which has a carp selection of veg and as they had no green pepper, was forced to buy red.


There seemed to be insufficient batter to bind the fritters, however they fried perfectly which shows what I know.  (Really, my sister is the family fry queen.)  They were a very nice accompaniment to grilled chicken and steamed kale. I ended up making 9 decent sized fritters, which would probably constitute 3 – 4 portions for someone less greedy than me. (I have 5 left… mmmm, breakfast.) Another nom from Potluck Cookery.

Paprika corn fritters

Frittered by Elly