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Butterscotch cookies

There has been a small amount of golden syrup crystallising in a jar at the back of my carb drawer for about a year now and this recipe seemed like a great way to use it up.   I’ve actually had the jar for so long that the ‘best before date’ has rubbed off the lid.  This recipe is from Florence Greenberg’s Jewish Cookery Book (6th edition, 1958).

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Gingerbread loaves

I have almost nothing to say about why or how I choose this recipe other than it looked like it would be flavoursome and that the cakes would not go stale  quickly. This recipe is from the Good Housekeeping Cookery Compendium (1956 edition), section 3: Picture Cake Making, Children’s Cakes. A tempting illustration is provided by the book:
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Coffee Marshmallow Spread

I cannot explain what kind of curiosity overtook me  when I decided to try this method from the Creams and Fillings section of the Good Housekeeping Cooking Compendium, volume 3: Picture Cake Making (Waverly, 1955).

Coffee Marshmallow Spread recipe

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Ginger Drop Biscuits

A recipe from the Drop Cookies sub-section of the Biscuits section of the Reader’s Digest Cookery Year (1976). Confused?

”  Baked drop cookies can be soft with a cake-like texture or crisp and even brittle, often irregular in shape. The soft dough is dropped in mounds on to a baking tray.”

This sub-section also contains recipes for Brandy Snaps and Coconut Wafers.

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Brandy Snaps

snapsfrontAnother Alison Burt I’m afraid. I really must diversify my resources a little,  but Alison does seem to offer a range of initially ace sounding recipes, which yes, usually turn out terribly, but there’s a point during the recipe choosing process where doing a Burt seems to make sense. I don’t know whether at some point I’ll start remembering how badly Alison Burt recipes turn out before I start cooking, but right now, that lesson is not yet learned,  so here’s how things went with the brandy snaps recipe…

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