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Collier’s Pie

It’s a bit late for Pie Month, but I did make this during February, but it’s taken me this long to write it up because [insert flimsy excuse here]. It’s from Good Things in England and has no definite date, though, given when GTIE was published, it was before 1931.

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A Cheshire Pork Pie

This recipe is actually one of the very first vintage recipes I attempted, before even this blog existed. It’s from Florence White’s Good Things in England, which has been featured here many times before, and is probably one of my favourite books – not only did it spark my interest in vintage cookery but it also introduced me to the wonderful Persephone Books, who’ve republished it. Briefly, because I’m sure I’m repeating myself, Good Things in England was White’s attempt in the late 1920s to record traditional English recipes that she felt were in danger of being lost – the resulting book is a glorious compendium of regional and ancient recipes, and is a pleasure to read regardless of whether you plan to cook from it.

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Fidget Pie

I’ve been feeling guilty about the fact that the info bit for this blog starts with ‘Adventures in the land of brewis, fidget pie, singin’ hinnies‘, yet we’ve never tried to make any of these dishes.  Something needed to be done about this, so the other Sunday myself and Sarah made Fidget Pie. We used a recipe from Good Things in England, a 1930 compendium of English cookery compiled by Florence White, which is currently available as a sleek looking reprint from the wonderful Persephone Books. The recipe is listed as ‘Mrs Dale’s Fidget Pie’, in the Specialities section under ‘Shropshire’.

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