Party Pyramids

Another of my contributions to the canape party – this comes from our old friend Make a Meal of Cheese. Is it just me or do the prawns in the picture below look kind of weird? Like…too pink?


Really very straighforward stuff – mostly involves chopping things up, and also finding something in one’s kitchen that will cut a slice of bread into a 4″ circle.  That was harder than I thought! Once assembled they looked like this:


Photo courtesy of Sarah

(I suspect this photo is actually from the day after, as it’s daylight outside. It appears to be the only evidence we have of their brief existence so it’ll have to do).

Tasting notes

I didn’t actually eat any of these, because 1) I was already drunk when I made them, and 2) they were kind of huge and pointless. You wouldn’t have a whole one to yourself, but to pick at it and eat, say just the top 2 layers was a bit odd, and bits keep falling off anyway. So nobody really ate them, and they sat there looking majestic and sad and drying up as everything else around them got eaten. They seem kind of for show anyway; more a display of colour than something intended to be delicious. You can hardly look a them and wonder what it’s going to taste like – it’s just familiar ingredients piled up with some bread. No seasoning, no sauces, nada.  If any of our readers were at the party and tried these can they please come forward in the comments box please? You can remain anonymous if you like.

Partied by Alix


One response to “Party Pyramids

  1. It tasted like dry bread and dry grated carrots. Happy to elaborate. Even happier that I can live in peace without these ever being made ever again (unless they are deep fried and involve krakatella).