Jam Puffs

Here’s another from Good Housekeeping’s Cookery Book from 1955. These are also for Pie Month – though less obviously a pie, they do fit the basic criteria for pie, or pieteria as I like to call it (oh dear God, sorry), i.e. something encased in something else. I can’t find anything on Freaky Trigger that properly sums up the Great Pie Debate but those familiar will know that, in a sense, there is nothing that is not a pie. And, yes, that includes submarines.

I rushed these Jam Puffs a bit so they came out shaped slightly weirdly:

I’m actually a little scared about hot jam in foods and indeed my guests and I spent some time trying not to burn our mouths off, but these weren’t too bad. It’s a fairly austere post-war confection but decent enough. I think if I were better at manipulating pastry and had perhaps used a range of jams (I used blackcurrant, which was quite sharp) then these could be okay, but I shan’t be hurrying to make them again.

Jammed by Alix

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  2. The pasty principle used here. A small slit in the top allows steam out and less chance of side-split results. Loads of other fillings possible, sweet and savoury.