Stuffed Monkey

A recipe which has intrigued me for a while, combining as it does many of my favourite things to bake with – cinnamon, ground almonds, candied peel. It kept catching my eye in the index of Florence Greenberg’s Jewish Cookery Book:


A marvel! Truly one of the most delicious, most interesting things I have ever baked. The outer layer was crisp on top, and then fudge-y, like a brownie. The filling was light, flavoursome and almost creamy, with the right amount of chewy pieces of peel. This is a rich cake, as you can see from the relatively small proportion of flour to butter and sugar, however, it is also wonderfully satisfying and stayed fresh for 2 weeks in a tin.

I have since read variations of this which include making mini ones using a shallow bun tray and using raisins instead of candied peel.

Monkey’d by Elly

3 responses to “Stuffed Monkey

  1. Yum! Passes my ‘can you stuff it?’ test that all the best foods do and involves candied peel? Can’t wait to try it!

  2. At first I thought it may be actual monkey. You might think that’s crazy, but since old ‘Gourmet’ magazine cookbooks list recipes for bear and squirrel, one never knows.

  3. I made Stuffed Monkey from this exact recipe at the age of 16 way back in 1967 for a cookery exam. Thank you for the nostalgia